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Are you in the best structure that maximizes the likelihood of your financial success? Are you and your family protected from risk should something unfortunate happen to your business?
As a small business owner, your business is most likely the biggest asset in your life.
While things can be great when times are good, when times turn bad (which they occasionally do), it is best to PROTECT you and your family from any inherent risk.

Protection takes a few right forms, mainly:


Ensuring the right structure for you and your family, your business, your family home and your investments


Obtaining the right insurance with the right cover such as business, worker’s compensation, life and income protection insurance , etc


Right advice that ensures long-term sustainability of your business and your family such as estate planning, partnership agreements (if in partnership), etc

Our Protection Services Include:
    Purpose-Based Structuring: Business
    Purpose-Based Structuring: Investments
    Asset & Structure Protection Review
Our Protection Services via Referral Partners Include:
    Shareholder/Partnership Agreements
    Business & Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    Personal Insurance
    Estate Planning
    Legal Advice and Strategy
    Insolvency and Forensics

Our Services



"The only impossible journey is the one you
never begin."

- Tony Robbins


Level 12/141 Walker Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Level 4, 10 Hobart Place

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